It took me 5 hours to learn how to build a website!

And here is the proof!

I have had many business ideas in the past and now that I know how easy it is to set up a website, I am quite frankly a little embarrassed that I did not do it earlier!

So how did I do it?

First I signed up for a course on called The Complete WordPress Website Business Course which cost me about $15 and it includes about 20 hours of content that teaches you how to do all sorts of things with websites. When I complete the course I will be able to build online stores and all sort of things. However, if I was going to do it all over again I would go for a course with about 6 hours of content that just focusses on the basics. Everything about web development is irrelevant until you need it, building a website is more about the thought you put into how you want to structure your website and the content you want to create.

Next, I registered a domain ( with Go Daddy. It’s really simple to do and I think it cost me about $45 to register and set up my domain complete with access to WordPress. IMPORTANT: Accept the privacy option even though it costs a little more. I didn’t initially and got 50 calls from web developers trying to sell me their services.

Building the actual website is very user-friendly and it is done almost entirely with wizards and drag and drop options. I’m sure I’ll need to do some coding or something in the future which will require more learning but I’m excited that I can do this much after just one hour.

I admit that I did not do a lot of research in selecting Udemy and GoDaddy and I think it’s worth exploring Wix and Coursera too – I’ll be testing these platforms at some point in the future too but hey, so far so good!

Here are the links to the various things I used to build this website:

The Udemy Word Press Course I bought


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